University Health Network (UHN)

190 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C4

Organization information

Type of organization Institution

Institution Demographics

Type: Hospital

Institution Specifics

Program Type: Clinics
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Adult Programs: Genetics Services- Adult
Senior Programs: Geriatric Clinic

Neurological Clinics

Addiction: Acupuncture for Addictions Clinic
Addiction Outpatient/Aftercare Clinic
Cancer: Neuro-Oncology Clinic
Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care
Eating Disorders: Eating Disorders
NEDIC (National Eating Disorders Clinic)
Genetics, Proteomics: Analytical Genetics Technology Centre
Genetics Services- Adult
Head & Neck: Head & Neck Clinic
Memory: Memory Clinic
Mental Disorders: Tourette's Syndrome Clinic
Mental Health: Community Mental Health
Women's Mental Health Clinic
Mood Disorders: Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit (MDPU)
Movement Disorders: Movement Disorders Clinic
Neuromuscular Disorders: Neuromuscular Clinic
Neurology: Neurology
Neurological Disorder: Tourette's Syndrome Clinic
Neuro-Otology: Hearing and Balance
Neurosurgery: Neurosurgery
Neurosurgical Intraoperative Monitoring
Other: Brain Tumour Centre
Pain: Pain Management
Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Management
Palliative Care: Palliative Radiation Oncology Program
Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care
Psychiatry, Psychology: Neuropsychology Clinic
Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation Medicine
Sleep: Sleep and Alertness Clinic
Speech-Language: Speech-Language Pathology
Spine: Spinal Program, Spinal Cord Clinic
Stroke: Stroke Prevention Clinic
Vision: Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic


Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia
Imaging: Medical Imaging
Lab Services: Hearing and Balance Lab
Laboratory Medicine Program
Neurophysiology Lab
Physiotherapy/ Physical Therapy: Physiotherapy
Patient Support: Family Support

Scientific/Technological Focus

Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology: Microbiology
Neuroscience: Krembil Neuroscience Centre
Technology: Information Management and Technology
Therapeutics: Cell Therapy Program
Other: Bioethics